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Why an alcohol-based record cleaning solution?

Our product is ultrapure water, alcohol, and wetting agent. This provides faster drying than other solutions for less waiting. The alcohol-based solution is both water-soluble and oil-soluble mix.
Does alcohol hurt my records or remove the plasticizers from the surface?
Extensive testing has shown that isopropanol solutions under 20% don't have any significant affect on the vinyl used in records
Can I use this product on my 78s? NO! Use this product only on vinyl records. It will damage shellac records.
What's the best way to keep my records clean?
Don't let them get dirty in the first place! Don't leave them sitting out, a vinyl disk is literally a charged dust magnet, and putting the record down on any surface will pick up dust you can't see. If they're not on the turntable, keep them in a quality sleeve. While playing, keep the turntable's dust cover closed if that doesn't sacrifice sound quality. Keep your platter mat as clean as possible. And keep those Dorito fingers away from the surface of your records.
I'm using a manual system. How much fluid should I use? Use enough fluid to suspend the dirt and crud so it can be picked up with the fluid by the vacuum. It's about right when the grooves are full of fluid and the record takes an overall smooth appearance when viewed reflecting a light source.
How often should I clean my records?
Depending on the amount of dust in your environment (and your personal level of clean-freak), if you keep the record in a good sleeve when it's not being played you should be able to get 5 plays or more before accumulating a significant amount of dust on the surface.
Should I clean new records?
Some new records come pre-loaded with dust and byproducts of the manufacturing process and mold release. We clean our new records before the first play unless we just can't wait.
What can I do to eliminate static on my records?
There's no way to prevent the surface of a vinyl disk from taking a static charge without leaving a residue on the surface. RCF.Automatic contains a anti-static surfactant which helps neutralize the static charge on your records, but it has only a temporary effect as there is no residue left behind on your vinyl.
My records have been cleaned but my stylus still picks up dust balls. Why?
That's not dust, check the condition of your stylus! The tip of your diamond stylus is elliptical or spherical when new, but will square off in time and act like a chisel on the grooves of your records. Your dust balls are actually precious vinyl. Given the value of your vinyl collection, a fresh and properly aligned stylus is a prudent investment and will sound better than a worn stylus.