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RCF Automatic is a single-pass, one-step, quick-drying cleaning solution formulated to clean vinyl records without leaving behind contaminants on the playing surface. It's intended to use routinely this is your everyday cleaner to remove fingerprints, dust and dirt, mold release and other contaminants. We designed it to use on for Nitty Gritty, VPI, and similar vacuum-based record cleaning systems. We formulate it using lab grade surfactant, ultra-pure distilled water and Isopropyl. 


  • Record cleaning is good investment – vinyl records and equipment are expensive. Clean records don't wear as quickly, and don't wear your stylus as quickly. Cleaning reduces mistracking and dirt accumulation on your stylus
  • Clean records sound better – Less noise, greater dynamic range, “blacker” background. If you didn't want your music to sound good, you'd be listening to MP3s on your car stereo like everyone else. 
  • While there's no long term effect on static since there's no residue, RCF temporarily reduces static and your records won't attract as much dust, keeping them cleaner longer.

To Buy:

2oz Sample

We'll ship you a 2oz sample, enough to clean some records and make sure you like it, for $6 shipped anywhere in the US. EZPZ, no BS. Check it out for yourself. 

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16oz Bottle

Perfectly and reasonably sized to use on everyday projects. This is the fluid to get in the habit to use routinely, and this is the bottle that'll take care of it for ya.

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32oz Bottle

Know you've got a big project in front of you? Want enough to share with friends? Thrifty and looking for the best deal? This is the one for you. It never goes bad, so no worries there. 

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